Preparing your floor before doing concrete staining

Beautifying the concrete is becoming the latest fashion rather than covering up with carpet as far as floor treatments are concerned.  The advantages are multifarious.  The concrete that is exposed may be compared to a granite piece or marble that is transformed through staining.  Through this process, a surface which is plain is made open to reveal the beauty that is lying underneath.  In the matter of concrete, the decoration in its totality and full form is what adds to the beauty.  It may be either manufactured or natural.  There are various advantages when the aggregate is exposed.  Contractors of the present day are finding novel ways to bring uncovered aggregate to a higher level.

Preparing your floor for staining your concrete

Spilling some water on the upper portion

You must drop some water on the exterior in various divergent locations to verify whether the concrete is absorbing the water.  If it does not absorb the water, then curing agents could be blocking the chemical stains to perforate into the concrete exterior with lime on the concrete.  Any sealer, curing agent or material would prevent the taking of color.  You should remove all the stains of grease as far as possible.  Any paint drips, stubborn stain or oil stains which block the entering of acid stains should be eliminated.

Never neglect the cleaning process

Never be negligent of the cleaning process.  Doing so may change the effect entirely.  Application of the wax or sealer will show up any cleaning defects.  You must make ready the area, then remove all stains and clean up the entire floor.  The concrete exterior should be washed and cleaned over many times.  Major depressions and cavities should not be left on the surface.  When you are fixing up important, vital and outstanding holes or cracks with quickly drying concrete, you should let the fixed spots dry up entirely before you move along to further steps.  Never use acid for cleaning the stained concrete floor since it would bring down the stain effect.  The best way is to scrub using a buffing machine and strip pads.  Then you must pick up the sewage discharge with a wet vacuum of a high quality

Methods of removing the uncovered concrete

Solvents, sanding, grinding, scraping, and stripping agents are the primary extracting means.  If your choice is to grind concrete, then you must not make marks on the exterior.  Doing so would reflect on the stained concrete floor.  You can use diamond pads for polishing or a cup grinding wheel to get top quality results.

Preparing your floor before doing concrete staining

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Surface sanding

Surface sanding must be the next step.  But first, make sure that all the grease and dirt is eliminated entirely from the exterior of the concrete.  Sanding will make a uniform and smooth surface.  It would add a pleasing effect to the appearance by highlighting the foreground feature.  When the sanding is finished, you must mop and sweep the concrete to remove all dust from it.