Radon Testing


In present world the everything is extremely polluted. People can not name list of things which are pure. Water, air and soil are essentials of life but they have been polluted to a level  from where there is no turning back now. Ozone layer which is for our protection from uv  rays is also destructed. Reason of these distraction is no one else them human beings. Human race is on the peak of development in technology but they are also the main cause of the current state of planet earth.

Radon, is one of the toxins which are polluting the atmosphere and causing damage to the living organisms. Radon is an odourless, tasteless and colour less, Nobel gas. It is highly radioactive and emits dangerous radioactive rays which may cause tumours of different sorts. As it is odourless by nature it can not be detected without performing several tests.

People might be inhaling this gas unconsciously and causing damage to themselves. The common cause of radon is uranium. Uranium in soil breaks down and releases radon in gas form. This radon released by uranium enters homes through following mentioned paths,
•Cracks in concrete walls
•Dirt floor

The procedure to eliminate radon from breathing zone is called Radon Mitigation. The common method of purifying air is by construction special ventilation system. These systems rotate the flow of air. This helps to decrease the concentration of radon in breathing zone. But before mitigation, Radon test is done. This test shows the concentration of radon gas in air and in water.

As radon can not completely be eliminated from atmosphere so The World Health Organization and International Radon Project has recommended an action level if the concentration of radon is above 2.7 pCi/l in the air. If the test shows the level of radon above than 2.7 pCi/l then further steps are taken.


Radon testing in air can be done by active or passive devices. Some devices are sent to laboratory for testing the level of radon and other give result online. While the radon test of water is done by sending a water sample to laboratory. Retesting is also recommended for accuracy.

Commercially the Radon Testing kits are available and can be used by house owners and landlords. Some states do not allow landlords to do this test personally and government do radon test instead of them.

The main reason of not allowing landlords is that it is possible that they manipulate the test to pass in test as area with high radon concentration are less in demand.

Working Of Radon Test Kit:

Radon testing kit comes with a passive collector which is placed to the lowest available level. The collector is left there for 2 to 7 days and after then is sent to laboratory. Determining of concentration level of radon is done in laboratory.