Day to day uses of a simple pocket knife

One can never stop talking about Damascus knives, they are a variety of number. But here we will talk about simple day to day uses of knives. You should not restrict your simple to use knives to your kitchen areas only. Instead, you can operate them in multiple ways and manner. So what are the best applications and uses of these knives? How can these knives be employed in multiple ways? We can tell you:

Different ways to handle a simple day to day using knife

  • Get a pocket a knife and carry as much heavy grocery bags as you can. This pocket knife is one of the great devices so that you can carry your heavy in form plastic grocery bags and that too without tearing them up. Do you know that in the Swiss army, they have these special hooks which are termed and called as parcel carriers? These hooks are specially and exclusively designed to carry groceries as well as parcels.
  • You can hang your coats. Though it rarely happens! If you are in a public guest room and you could not find hook then you can exercise the use of a knife. Hang your sweatshirts, coats, whatever you want to!
  • What do you need to do if you do not have anything to trim down your cuticles which are present at the side of your nails? Get a simple knife and trim your cuticles easily. During cold and dry weather conditions, skin which is present at the side of your nails, it gets cracked and peeled off. The great use of a pocket knife can be applied to trim down your cuticles.

What else can pocket knife do for you?

  • Have you ever done pruning of your plants? You should do so because pruning improves the health of your plants. So whenever you are in your yard and you could not find a suitable item to prune your plants, you can take out your pocket knife. No doubt this knife can act as a great makeshift pruner.
  • You are in camp and you want to peel potatoes, just forget about the peeler and do this task with a pocket knife. We are sure that you will make the most delicious and tasty campfire potatoes.
  • What should a person do if he or she gets an extreme and intense wound on his body and he could not take off his clothes, how medicine can be applied to that wound? Just get a pocket knife and rip that portion of your cloth. This is all so simple.
  • For the campers who are making a dinner, for the riders, it is true that they do not have electric can openers available to them all the time. But a simple pocket knife should always be there in their pocket. Use it as your can opener and enjoy your camping and riding.

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