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It is often said and true that photographs are the most important and precious treasure for everyone. There is no shying away from the fact that a camera can interpret. The composition, lightening, angles and all can be interpreted. But, therein lies the beauty of photography and also its power. It may not be accurate but it is real. A photo can motivate some, change the opinions of some and shake up the ideals of some, will educate and enthuse to act and so on. Photos will even invoke the innermost feelings of human beings like anxiety tearful happiness and so on.Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Draht Photography in and around Vernon and Kelowna is an award winning and luxury full service wedding photography planner that has been running business since many years. Our aim is to craft emotional symbolism in our photographs. The photographs which we take will deliver professionalism with affordable service and with a splash of imagination.

Being the native of Kelowna, Draht photography scouts the most romantic and photogenic locations in the city. In every step of the way and occasion, we are here to provide you the best advice, recommendations and guidance throughout your whole wedding process. Draht Photography team works with steadfast passion for capturing love in all forms and across all cultures. We offer ceremony planning, cinematography, custom leather bound albums, custom timelines, drones, photo booths, photography and much more.

There is an essentiality and you deserve the perfect photographers who perform above and beyond to deliver not only beautiful photos, but also an unforgettable experience. You require someone who will spurt along with your squad when you step out in your dress for the first time, someone who knows just what to say when your nervousness feeling start extending, someone who will refill your glass of champagne when it gets low, someone who will be ready to climb a tree to get the best angle. You deserve a best friend. Those some ones are the best captures of your lifetime wedding occasion.Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Supreme Wedding Photographers @ Draht Photography Studio:

We are recognized as the best Kelowna Wedding photographers in and around Vernon and Kelowna and also in abroad. We offer four types of wedding photography packages namely Platinum package, Gold Package, Silver Package and Bronze package. Each and every package has varied price, varied deliverables. Please have a glance at our website to know the different packages and make an inquiry. We always strive to get you the high quality photographs with affordable price. We provide different types resolution images based on the requirement of the customer. High resolution images will be provided for Archival quality thumb drives and a low resolution image for your facebook uploads. Additional number of images can be taken and the wedding couple stills include varied styles in varied locations. We also provide online gallery for Guest and Bridal party access. At the outset, our photographs at your wedding ceremony, catches everyone’s attention making the new customers from the existing customers.