Nicotine e-juice | Transform yourself young and energetic with Vaping

ECigOz is the leading expert in providing quality nicotine e-liquid production and supplies.  Our expertise craves from our zeal for flavor and the quest in producing outstanding high quality products that keep our customers coming back for repeated orders. nicotine ejuice australia

The electronic cigarettes are the best smoking alternatives by which millions of smokers across the globe are enjoying the sensation of smoking without bad smell emitting tar and carbon monoxide. E-cigs contain no tobacco and produces no smoke but they give vapors which the smoker inhales.  There are nicotine and non-nicotine kind of e-cigs in combination with different flavors available for the smokers. Many synonyms came into existence for e-cigarettes like e-cigs, vape pens, mods, clearomizers and personal vaporizers. Since, e-cigs produce vapors instead of smoke, the term ‘Vaping’ aroused. Vaping is nothing but the activity of using e-cigs.

In general, an e-cig can be divided into three fundamental parts namely battery, atomizer and the e-juice or e-liquid.

E-Liquid: The e-liquid contains a base liquid usually propylene glycol, a vegetable or fruit glycerin along with flavors and nicotine. When heated, the e-liquid becomes the vapor that you inhale with the help of atomizer.

Atomizer: The atomizer contains a heating coil which converts the e-liquid to vapor.

Battery: The battery supplies the power necessary for the atomizer to work.

When you use an ECigOz Premier or taste e-cigarettes, you will hold a button to turn on the battery and activate the atomizer.  You will then puff on the e-cigarette as if it was a real tobacco cigarette. As your body intakes the nicotine present in the e-liquid through your mouth, throat and lungs, you will have the identical feeling with the same kind of satisfaction as if you were using a traditional tobacco cigarette as the vapor having nicotine hits your lungs.

Why an E-cigarette?

E-cigarettes do not produce smoke. They will produce vapor that squanders in seconds. E-cig vapor releases a sweet smell in the air for a second and then disappears. Unlike tobacco smoke, the vapor released won’t make your clothes, surrounding hair to smell badly.

Moreover, E-cigarette vapor contains fewer chemicals and it will not stink. It produces no tar and carbon monoxide. E-cigarettes are affordable and cost less when compared to the normal tobacco cigars.

E-cigarettes will offer flavor. E-Cigarette contains added sweeteners and menthol. Nicotine E-juices tantalise your palate with an endless variety of flavor combinations which tastes like raspberry cheesecake, fruity breakfast cereal or freshly baked cookies and so on. There is no ending for different varieties of e-liquid flavors available.nicotine ejuice australia

The most important thing to consider is the traditional tobacco smoking can be quitted by using E-cigs. E-cigars are carrying fewer chemicals and show no adverse effects on heart and lungs. E-cigars are less harmful than conventional tobacco cigars. Vaping has become the best alternative that most people obtain their nicotine entirely from e-cigars and will not use tobacco products further.  To get started with e-cigarettes, the first thing that you need to do is to buy an e-cigarette starter kit. EcigOz e-cigarettes include everything that you need to begin with Vaping.