car rental

Big city, bigger transportation problems

When you’re in a big city like Dubai, you already know that the public transports are overloaded and it’s hectic catching up to them. Looking for a taxi before a meeting can cause trouble sometimes. Specially the tourists wander and look around for a taxi that will understand them and take them where they want. It is cost hungry and time-consuming process. You need to go for reliable solutions for the issues you’re having in moving from one place to the other. Having a personal conveyance is great; if you can afford one, you should opt for it yet these days, the transportation is expensive. Nassan Sunny is around 43 thousand AED, period. Yet even if you can’t afford the sedan, you can have it for a day or week or even a month in considerable price. Yes, the same car goes for only 1375 AED, per month rent. How does that sound? Good? Hell yeah. This is cheap and reliable with enormous features and offers from the car rental company.

Getting started

Before, asking the company about their service, you need to make sure that you’ve following the required documents. If you don’t, you should arrange them for without them, car rental service won’t rent you a vehicle.


If you’re a Dubai resident, copies of the following documents are required

  • Emirates Identity Card
  • UAE Passport
  • UAE Residential Visa
  • UAE Driving License

Yet for the non-residents, majorly tourists and visitors or or people looking for job, the requirements are copies of

  • Your Passport
  • Visit Visa
  • International Driving License

Available cars

Almost all cars are available, yet you should check the website of the car rental service or consult them in person. Mostly all types of cars from BMW to sports cars are available for rent. All of them have different rent for the desired period. Some of the cars come with unlimited mileage and extra features. Almost all of them have Bluetooth in them yet if isn’t, you can ask for Add-ons.



  • You also have a GPS in your car as an extra feature. Some cars come with a built-in GPS yet if the one you’ve choose doesn’t have one, you can opt for one.
  • You can get a reserve camera system in your car to keep it from damaging or messing while you’re reversing it.
  • Bluetooth is almost in every car yet can be made available. Moreover, you can have a charging system and wangle connection installed in your car.

Insurance and security

Car rental services are comprehensively insured and cover any damages that isn’t caused by accident, animals or weather; and if the car gets stolen. These damages are covered by a security fee that you’ve to submit alongside the rent.

Free delivery and cancellation

The car is delivered free of cost at anywhere in the city or even at the airport prior to your landing. The service offers free cancellation of order in case you change your mind.