Power of aluminium foil

Popularly known on the negative lines, if you carefully observe the positives outnumbers the negatives. In order to cover preserved food and to avoid contamination aluminium ซองฟอยล์ are the best. But very few among us are aware that it helps to soothes our wounds and you wrap an affected area with foil for 10 minutes and then unwrap. For a permanent healing, this procedure for more than 3 times at a single go works out. Not only you can use it to cover your food, but from a first aid point of view as well.

For joint or back pain a welcome form of treatment

So many benefits are there with aluminium that gone are the days where it went on to contaminate your skin. Just apply the affected areas with aluminium and you will come across the fact that it provides faster relief in comparison to other standard drugs. Ensure you do have a bandage in place which prevents the aluminium foil to fall down. Patients who wrap their affected areas with this foil tend to get relief much faster in comparison to patients who did not think along these lines. Do remove it once the pain goes away.

For flu or common cold treatment

If you hate injections or tablets then the solution works well for you. For a lot of us the process may be a lot cumbersome but for sure worth its value. Do tie around 5 layers of aluminium around your feet. Between the layers apply a cotton fabric. By doing this, the harmful chemicals are taken.This process continues itself for close to 5 hours and then you can untie the ซองฟอยล์. Keep on repeating the process for 7 days and the flu would have gone by then.

Burn treatment

Any minor injuries leaving a mark by liquid or water can be dealt in an easy manner. The inflammation fades and the pain is a forgone conclusion. Do try to clean the wound with the common first aid methods and make use of a bandage so that the aluminium foil does not fall. A study on this subject was in the favour that if you apply the foil you are bound to respond faster than someone who did not apply it. The rib which is prone to pain is the target with an aluminium foil. In addition, apply a bandage on top of it.

For treatment of muscle pain

If you pride yourself on a lot of exercises, then what you would do if muscle pains strike you.  Instead of relying all the more on painkillers choose an aluminium foil. Just make use of it on the muscles that you feel the pain and then wrap around the region. You would need to rely on a bandage so that the aluminium foil does not fall off on an immediate basis.  Let it stay there for close to 9 to 10 hours and you will face a reduction in terms of muscle pain.