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The most important and usually ignored task is Roof maintenance. Every time we use to hear that an insurance company approved a claim for home interior repairs but have to bear the costs for roof leaks. This happens due to the lack of regular roof maintenance. We are the trusted ones to provide you a free quote for your roofing service which includes your roof inspection, analysis and recommended possible repairs. We also have schemes like our customers taking a service contract.Southaven roofers

 What is a service contract?

The usual time between 1 – 10 years period of time where our experts will check and inspect your roofs and make necessary changes, revamps and replacements upon call basis is called our Service contract. This makes you sure on the long lasts of your roof life and function. We offer many types of service contracts based on your needs and your roof condition.

  • Gutter Cleaning Contracts: Gutter cleaning is our most well-liked type of service contract. The efficient working of your gutters depends upon their cleanliness. Blocked or partially blocked gutters will overflow making a waterfall effect and gradual damage beneath. The amount of leaves falling on the roof and the potentiality for damage decides the frequency of your gutter cleaning. The costs will change according to the type of services being rendered and on the size of the material required for cleaning and removing leaf accumulation.
  • Roof assessment and Maintenance Contracts: Annual or Bi-annual roof inspections will be done for our customers as per their preferred package and needs. The price varies accordingly as per the raw material size required and the roof condition that has to be managed and preserved. Emergent revamps could be done for your roofs wherever necessary like patching, sealing, etc as they prevent potential leaks. The debris will be cleared off in and out of the roofs. The quotes are also offered when required with no cost additionally.
  • Preferential Service Contracts: The most accepted and preferable type of service contract by property owners is this only. It includes the quick service and the top most professionalism. After a huge storm or during wet periods, getting rid of roof leaks is very tough task. For such situations and in those scenarios we provide fast response and perform quick roof leaking revamps. More fast, yet accurate repairs will be done by our expert Southaven Roofers. The benefits of preferential service contract includes the following

  • ​Flat Roof Repair: ​High-quality repairs will be performed by our well experienced roofing staff.
  • ​New Roof Installation: ​Do you wish for a brand-new roof? Our expert team helps you to install the best new roof on any home of any size.Southaven roofers
  • Metal Roof revamp: Southaven roofers are experts in metal roof fixing.
  • Roof examination: To avoid huge investments on sudden and unknown roof damage expenses which require replacements, roof inspection at regular and frequent intervals is necessary. Your roof safety is assured.
  • Roof substitution: For your roof serous damages, our team will make the best replacement using quality roofing materials.