Complete Office Junk Removal Service

Junk Removal ServiceThe process of Junk Removal Service from your office requires meticulous planning and accurate execution. You may choose the size of truck depending the type of load you have (1/4, ½, ¾ or Full). Once you place the request for quote by filling the online for, you get a reply within the next working day. You need to confirm your approval by accepting the quote. Then the Junk Removal Service Company sends the required size truck to your specified location. Cost effectiveness is a default option you get since the size of trucks used by the removal company in this region is at least 4 times bigger than the standard vehicles.

Segregation and Processing in Junk Removal Service

Segregation of office junk is said to be complex process when you consider the various types of old and unused furniture, appliances, stationary, fixtures, utilities, equipment and other solid and liquid forms of junk. Some of them could be completely recyclable, while the others may be partially recyclable. The non-recyclable ones are to be treated with special care while disposing. Many of the professional Junk Removal Service companies like junk genius are finding ways to recycle these types also, including paints, emulsions and thinners etc.

Junk Removal Service

  • The Junk Removal Service companies can dismantle and remove any type and size of wooden, plastic and metallic furniture with ease. They have the kind of equipment and tools with the skilled manpower for doing this. They eventually send the dismantled damaged furniture to the recycling plant where they are converted to useful raw materials. But this need not be the followed procedure always. If they find any of the parts or the furniture to be in repairable conditions, they suggest you get them repaired and use them instead of dumping them. This could save you the money needed for buying new set of furniture. Most of the wooden parts are sent to mills to be converted into pulp. This pulp can be used for making of paper.
  • The stationary junk in your office may consist of paper, corrugated boxes, box files, metallic and plastic parts. The Junk Removal Service personnel can categorize and pack them separately for transportation. They are made to undergo different types of recycling processes before being brought into reusable forms.
  • Dismantling and packing of electrical and electronic appliances takes patience, time and skill. Hence the personnel may prefer to carry them in “as they are condition” to the recycling plants. The skilled technicians dismantle them, segregate the hazardous elements (lead, mercury, fluorescent and others) and reprocess the rest of components.

Eco Friendly Procedures

The pickup and packing of load is done in an eco friendly manner by the Junk Removal Service Company.

  • The personnel are trained to follow the various guidelines by the local authorities, state and federal governments and the Environment Protection Agency.
  • The company follows the post junk pickup procedure of premises cleaning in a systematic manner. They take care of eliminating all the contagious elements and clean the place using eco friendly disinfection agents.
  • The procedure followed by the Junk Removal Service Company for disposal of non recyclable junk is also according to the statutory guidelines specified above.